Main Server Recent Players
cheeneenah90035 Days 5:58
JanekPLO1 Days 5:49
PrimoGrayFox6 Days 8:36
Tangerinely45 Days 5:06
SunshineTie97372 Days 2:22
Ricky43257 Days 17:17
Venom1504321316 Days 21:59
LoadedAlpaca691 Days 7:03

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Server Stats
1. Total Players1,026
2. Players Online4
3. Total Play Time411 Days 1:41
4. Total Blocks Broken2,967,942
5. Total Blocks Placed1,684,612
6. Total Mobs Killed61,341
7. Total PVP Kills1,750
8. Total Player Deaths9,507
9. Total Player Value97,639,851,608,741 Credits
10. Inflation Rate143.9345
11. Villages Founded22

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Welcome to our MAIN server!

Here you can build, explore, and team with your friends! You can start any big project you wish, our map will never reset!

At our spawn you can find some really useful shops, a bank, a mine and a woodmil!

Don't forget to read the server's rules at the book in the starting chest in the tower and the signs on its walls. And remember to type "help:" in chat in order to find out about all of our commands!

We Also have a World Map available at

Please show your support by voting our server! It will help us grow even bigger!
Voting Will Also Earn you $250,000 credits in game

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